Hydralift Cranes provides a complete range of loader cranes from 1.5 until 120 Tm.

All Hydralift Cranes have been designed and developed according the latest European standards EN12999. For the design of our cranes we use high efficiency CAD – CAM software. We simulate the durability and strengthen of our cranes with the latest FEA software.







We manufacture our cranes using the highest quality standards and by making the most strict controls. Every each part of our cranes is manufactured by Hydralift Cranes Ltd in our plant through our vertical production procedure. We use CNC machines in all production stages. 







Our plant is equipped with:

  • CNC high definition Plasma metal sheet cutting machine
  • CNC press brake with Laser marking indicator
  • CNC lathes
  • CNC milling machines
  • CNC boring machine
  • Robotic welding systems
  • CNC tube bender
  • Pulse welding machines
  • Conventional lathes
  • Conventional mills
  • Conventional drilling machine
  • Testing bases with 120 Tm maximum load capacity

We test all our cranes through Non-destructive tests in our testing facilities according the latest European rules EN12999 in 110% and 125% of their nominal maximum capacity. 








We operate our cranes under load for at least four hours after the maximum load tests so to secure the safe and correct operation of them from the end user.

After the final quality control we ship our cranes with carefully packing so to have a safe transportation to the final destination.

We have added to our cranes  innovations that have been invented by Hydralift Cranes which are the followings:

  • In the telescopic extension booms we do not use any metal or flexible pipes for the hydraulic connections between the cylinders. By this way we eliminated the possibility of oil leakages in the telescopic booms. This is Hydralift Cranes patent and we call it Pipe Less Telescopic (PLT)


  • We use our new Easy Service Hydraulic Cylinders (ESC) in the main and the jib boom as well as in the stabilizers. For the service of our new cylinders is needed only a 13mm wrench and can be done very easily everywhere. Furthermore in our new cylinders we use extra-long cylinder head in order to secure long life for the seals

  • Hydralift cranes can provide Hybrid power in our cranes. These cranes do not use the power of the truck engine in order to work but they use a hybrid power pack which works with an independent diesel engine in combination with an electric motor. By this way we can succeed fuel save from 40% to 90%.


Some of the strongest points of our cranes are the followings:

  • All the parts of our cranes are hexagonal shape made by one piece without welding seems.

  • The base of our cranes are welded part made 100% by high strength steel STRENX 700 and NAXTRA 700. All our bases are reinforced with double steel plates which are welded inside and outside. So we secure long life for the most critical point of the crane. 

  • We calculated and designed our cranes so to work with the less possible maximum working pressure. Hydralift Cranes have smaller hydraulic cylinders than the competition and work with lower maximum working pressure. This proof that we have studied very carefully the engineering design of our cranes in order to decrease the forces in our cranes knuckles and to increase their life time. This affects also the weight of our cranes and makes them of the lightest in their category.
  • Hydralift Cranes electronics are powered by German brand IFM. We use only high quality mobile application PLC and pressure sensors. Our electronic devices are service free and can work safe in any weather condition from -40ο C until +65ο C with no problem. Furthermore our electronics resists in high vibrations and of course are waterproof IP65.
  • In all our cranes we use only high quality load and flow searing control blocks even for the stabilizers. The flow searing technology allows the crane to make accurate movements with constant speed even when the operator makes two or three movements simultaneously.

 We in Hydralift Cranes make whatever is possible so to provide you a reliable and durable crane which will work safe and secure for many years.