Hydralift Cranes has invented a unique multifunction lever to control the doors of the 3 way tippers. With this invention of Hydralift Cranes the user can open the door of each side with only one lever and also he can remove it if he wants to do so. 

Hydralift 3 Way tipper has only one lever in each side to control the doors.

In door lock position the upper and lower hinges are locked so the door is also locked


 In open down position the upper hinge remains locked and the lower hinge is released so the door can open from the down side


In open top position the upper hinge is released and the lower hinge is locked so the door can open from the top side

Finally in door released position both hinges are released and you can remove the door.


We call this system Easy Opening Door (EOD) and it makes your job faster and easier.

EOD is available only for steel doors, not for aluminum doors.